Opened in 2009, the Dimsdale Terminal ships and receives product via truck and rail.  

Silo Storage:  10,000 MT

Warehouse Storage: 3,000 Sq Ft

Track:  2 x 1,500′ Tracks

Directions from Grande Prairie:

  • West on Highway 43

  • South on RR72A

  • Last right turn before railway tracks


Bailly’s Sexsmith Terminal opened in 2013.

Silo Storage:  12,000 MT

Track:  3 x 1,000′ Tracks

Directions from Grande Prairie:

  • North on Highway 2

  • Left onto Township Rd 734

  • Immediate left onto service road

  • Cross tracks to Terminal


The Bailly’s Gold Creek Terminal opened in January 2018.  

Silo Storage:  To Be Announced

Track:  Unit Train Capacity

Directions from Grande Prairie:

  • South on Highway 40

  • East 0.1 km on Canfor Rd

  • North 4.3 km on Big Mountain Haul Rd

  • East 1.4 km across tracks

  • North to Transload